Night out fiction 7min | canon c300 | digital | color | 1.89:1 | germany 2017 Matthias is the average type of guy you wouldn’t normally notice. He leads his average life, until one day he lays eyes on Isabel – for some reason she sparks an unknown and uncontrollable desire and obsession in […]

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A Bierle in da Sun 2019 / Fiction / 10min / 1,89:1 The two brothers Max and Paul are celebrating the arrival of the summer in Munich with chilled beer in the sun and a swim in the ice-cold Eisbach. But when Swenja, Max’s crush joins them and Paul tries to persuade Max to talk

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Schratz 2020 / Fiction /  20min / 2:1  Toni finally manages to get a date with her longtime-crush Paul. But then her neighbor Maria begs her to babysit her child for a couple of hours. Reluctantly, Toni agrees. The rest of the day definitely turns out quite different from what she had in mind. director

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